Should Mangold be playing this week for Jets?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jane McManus of ESPN New York is reporting that New York Jets Center Nick Mangold “will most likely play” this Sunday in New England.

“I’m ready to go,” Mangold said.

Mangold has missed the past two games with a high ankle sprain.

“Chomping at the bit to get back,” Mangold said. “A long road, a lot of treatment a lot of rehab still going on but it’s not to be out there be on the field be with the guys it’s a good feeling.”

The question we pose is, if Mangold is not 100%, should he be rushing back so soon?

Yes, it’s a big division game against the Patriots, but a re-injury could sideline the Pro-Bowler for even longer than 2 weeks.  And with 11 games to go after this week, a win against the Pats will mean little if Mangold has to miss future games because he rushed back.