Joe Namath is At it Again

By Alan Schechter

Former Super Bowl III quarterback Joe Namath had some more pearls of wisdom about his former team on Wednesday, and they were a little more toned down this time.  Here are some samples

» On Rex Ryan’s mouth: “He’s a different animal. The good thing is he’s hadthem in the (AFC) Championship Game the last two years, and there’s a lot ofthis season left.”

» On Mark Sanchez: “I know hecan (lead the Jets), but it’s a team game … and he needs help. … If youdon’t have the horses up front on both sides of the ball, it’s going to be along season.”

» On the Jets’ defense: “The defense has been playing well. It played welllast week against the Ravens. I look for the Jets defense to keep the offense inthe game.”

Stay tuned, I am sure we will hear from Broadway Joe again soon.