Santonio Holmes has a critic in Joe Namath

By Marc A. Greenberg

Just a day after our report that New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes was growing frustrated with the team, going so far as to publicly call out both the offensive line for their lack of production and coverage for QB Mark Sanchez, and Sanchez himself for getting the ball out too late, a critic has emerged, saying that Holmes had no right to do what he did.

Jets Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath.

Speaking to ESPN 1050, Namath said Holmes’ comments are better left in-house.

“That was a mistake, it surely was,” Namath said. “For Holmes, as a captain, to go outside, to the media, and start pointing fingers. . . . I mean, he’s right about the ball getting out late to him [on Sanchez’s third-quarter interception], and he’s right about the offensive line, but that can create a problem in the locker room. . . . That divisiveness can bury a team. They’ve got to correct that right away.”

But Namath didn’t stop there.  There was more to come…

Namath ripped into the Jets management, and GM Mike Tannenbaum, for the past few draft classes.

“I’m not sure what’s going on there,” Namath said. “We picked some poor players and we’re not owning up to it.  That’s what it amounts to. You’ve got guys on the roster who have been picked and you keep trying to say, ‘OK, they’re going to work out.’ Well, guess what? We tried that with [Vernon] Gholston and it didn’t work out. You have to [say], ‘Hey, I made a bad pick, a bad selection,’ and move on. The Jets didn’t do that and it’s a little late for the season to get it righted.”

This is what happens when a team that has gone to two straight AFC Championship Games gets off to a 2-2 start.