Jets get blasted by Ravens 34-17

By Marc A. Greenberg

If you think last week’s New York Jets destruction at the hand of the Oakland Raiders was a mirage, something that wouldn’t happen again, then don’t read any further; because the Jets didn’t get beaten by the Baltimore Ravens tonight, they got embarrassed. Outplayed. Destroyed.

New York; we have a problem.  It’s no longer the Jets defense that scares us.  We know it’s slow, it’s off, and opposing teams know where to go to win.  You run at the Jets and you throw at Antonio Cromartie and Eric Smith.

No, in watching tonight’s 34-17 defeat, we have another problem this season.  The Jets offensive line has become such a cancer to this team that it’s now reasonable to fear for QB Mark Sanchez’s season.  With no time to think, much less wait for a play to develop, you are going to see what you saw in tonight’s game from Sanchez: sacks, fumbles, defensive TDs.   The Jets line have actually regressed the progress of Sanchez.

When the team tried to make an adjustment by bringing in Vlad Ducasse for C Colin Baxter, the result was more of the same.  Sack/fumble/touchdown. Oh, and Sanchez almost got buried into the turf.

3 Defensive Touchdowns for the Ravens off Sanchez fumbles and INTs.  That’s 21 points and 18 more than the Jets offense managed.  A Nick Folk FG (that almost never was due to a poor snap), was all the Jets could manage as LB David Harris returned an INT for a TD and Joe McKnight set a Jets record with a 107 yard kick return for a TD.

3 Points on offense.

A pitiful effort tonight all around.  At 2-2 on the season, there is no doubt that this is not the Jets of the last two years.  A bad offensive line is not something anyone expected but it’s here; and that means no time for Sanchez and a wasted year for Shonn Greene and perhaps the last one for LaDainian Tomlinson.

It’s a trip to Foxboro next week and that means Wes Welker can add to his 40 catches so far this season.

Buckle up, Jets fans; it’s going to be a long season.