Jets Sanchez won’t let black eye disturb him

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez has taken a beating this season; from a semi-concussion, to an injured arm to a black eye.  But that hasn’t affected the 24 year old’s confidence one bit.

And now Forbes has jumped on the bandwagon?

Forbes has put Sanchez on its overpaid list pointing to his $14.75  million salary this season compared to his statistics. Sanchez  ranks 14th in passer rating (90.1) and 10th in passing yards (886). He has six  touchdowns and four interceptions.

“You know what? You’re playing quarterback in New York, that kind of stuff  happens,” Sanchez said about the critics. “Just like [when] you win the  divisional game against the New England Patriots, you can do no wrong. It goes  both ways.”

“That’s another stat,” Sanchez said of being named to Forbes list. “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.”

As to Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor calling Chad Henne more talented than Sanchez, Jets head coach Rex Ryan didn’t quite agree.

“I would disagree with him, but I will say this: [Henne’s] looked like Dan Marino against us a couple of  games. So certainly  I think he does have a lot of talent. Is he better than Mark Sanchez? I would  keep Mark Sanchez. That would be my guy.”