Colts CB says coach Caldwell doesn’t make lineup decisions

By Marc A. Greenberg

Here’s a little tidbit from an angry released player.

After being released by the Indianapolis Colts, Cornerback Justin Tryon took to twitter with the following comments about head coach Jim Caldwell:

“Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn’t up to him!” he wrote.  Another tweet later said: “IM BLESSED!! lay off of Caldwell he’s a great coach! Peace.”

Tryon comments indicate that lineup moves, including who starts games, are not decided by the head coach, but some higher force.

Yes, these are comments from a player that was just released, but they are compelling nonetheless, especially knowing the Colts front office and the alleged influence that GM Chris Polian and Vice Chairman Bill Polian wield.

Colts Owner Jim Irsay immediately (via twitter) discredited Tryon’s comments:

“Bill Polian is 1 day, going 2 The Hall of Fame, he knows what he’s doing, and Coach Caldwell makes final call on who plays n who doesn’t, period,” Irsay wrote. “I already told some of u guys Coach Caldwell decides who plays, I would know, I own the team.”

Can you imagine the hit to Jets head coach Rex Ryan if a released player said that GM Mike Tannenbaum decides who starts and who doesn’t?