Jets Sanchez on broken nose: No big deal

By Marc A. Greenberg

Broken nose?  We don’t care about no broken nose.

At least that’s what Mark Sanchez is saying about his schnozz after the New York Jets QB had his nose broken during the Jets 34-24 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Appearing on his weekly 1050 ESPN Radio appearance, Sanchez revealed he had a “minor break” but that he has already been cleared to practice  this week without limitations and play on Sunday in Baltimore against the Ravens.

“It feels a lot better now, and we’ll just worry about it after the season,”  Sanchez said.  The break came in the third quarter on a sack by the Raiders Kamerion Wimbley.  Sanchez had his nose reset on the sideline and finished the game with a visor on helmet.

“We’ll take it game by game,” Sanchez said. “We play in the elements out  here, so I don’t know how well a visor holds up. I’ve never even thought about  wearing a visor before. We’ll take it game by game, but I’m not worried about it  either way.”

“I mean, if it’s a cosmetic thing, I don’t really care,” Sanchez said. “I’ll  break my nose every game as long as we’re going to win. I don’t care about that.  It’s not a big deal.”