Jets Sanchez needs to improve

By Marc A. Greenberg

There’s no debating his success in the NFL far; but New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez can’t be happy with the 2011 season.

Entering his third season, the year in which quarterbacks are supposed to make that leap from good to great, Sanchez has shown the same issues that plagued his first two years;  interceptions and poor rhythm.  With 4 INTs already this season, he’s on pace to beat his career high of 20 in his rookie season.

Take last week in Oakland for example: First quarter, game tied at 7, and the Jets driving with a first and 10 at the Raiders 24.   Sanchez was pressured out of the pocket and rolled right. Rather than throw it away or simply run out of bounds, he threw one up into the endzone, resulting in a pick.  Video below.

For some reason, Sanchez can never seem to get into rhythm until the team enters the hurry-up offense or it’s late in the game.  While ‘better late than never’ isn’t the worse thing, you’d like to see Sanchez develop some rhythm early in the game to provide the team with a lead.  Some of the blame of the Jets going 16 games without scoring a first quarter TD has to be put on Number 6.  Solution:  Go to the hurry-up at the beginning of the game.

With upcoming game in Baltimore and New England, we will find out what condition Sanchez will be in for the rest of the year and where he will lead the Jets.