Dolphins Taylor: Henne is more talented than Sanchez

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins either had nothing else to do or just wanted to stir the pot up a little bit.

Giving an interview to an NBC affiliate in Miami, Taylor said that Dolphins QB Chad Henne is more talented than New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

“We need to grow and we need to continue to change, and I think Chad has grown immensely since I left here a year ago,” Taylor said. “I saw a kid in New York, Mark Sanchez, that is young, I don’t think he’s as talented as Chad Henne.”

Of course, commenting on the Jets is nothing new to Taylor, who has only refrained from making these boneheaded comments when the Jets signed him last season; you remember, after the Dolphins told him to get lost.

In any event, Taylor will receive a warm reception on October 17 when the Dolphins visit MetLife Stadium for the Jets only Monday night game this season.

For the record, Sanchez is 25-15 as a starter with a record four road playoff victories, while Henne is 13-17 with no playoff appearances and off to an 0-3 record this season.