Jets Revis insists team isn’t just trash talkers

By Marc A. Greenberg

For the past two years under head coach Rex Ryan, the New York Jets have been identified by their brash coach and trash-talking to opposing teams.

For CB Darrelle Revis, that has to change.  And fast.  This Sunday fast.

“[This Sunday is] a great opportunity for us to bounce back and show this league that we’re not just a trash-talking team,” Revis said on Monday, after the Jets 34-24 defeat to the Oakland Raiders.

“It’s very frustrating. W’re not playing up to our potential, our standards, our goals,” he said.

While it’s more than obvious that Revis is not talking about himself, you’d never hear this CB say otherwise.

As for Ryan, he lit into his team following the loss with words that can’t be printed here.

“Typical, pissed-off coach speak,” veteran guard Brandon Moore said.

“He was upset,” reserve defensive back Donald Strickland said. “That’s not the way the Jets play defense. We played terribly, that’s the bottom line.”

Added Revis: “It wasn’t (pleasant). A lot of corrections for us on defense. We need to improve, stop the mistakes and just move forward. That’s the only thing we can do is just correct the film.”