Jets Mangold wants to play Sunday

By Marc A. Greenberg

Jets center Nick Mangold has not given up hope that he will be able to play Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

For Nick Mangold, 82 consecutive games is something he doesn’t take lightly.  The New York Jets Center, who suffered a high right ankle sprain against the Jacksonville Jaguars, refuses to rule himself out of Sunday’s game.

“In my mind, I’m preparing to play Sunday,” Mangold said Wednesday. “If the ankle doesn’t let me, I’ve prepared well.”

While Mangold is positive, reports are that he will be out for at least 2-3 weeks.

“I’ll never say never but I don’t see it happening this week,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said of Mangold suiting up.

Colin Baxter, a rookie from Arizona, will start if Mangold cannot play.

Mangold has even thought of bribing Ryan to let him play. “Please,” Mangold said. “That usually is a good way to start. Plus, it’s out in Oakland. That’s close to wine country. I’m sure I can get him a nice bottle while we’re out there. I figure that might help.”