Jaguars Hill apologizes to Jets Rex Ryan

By Marc A. Greenberg

Remember Jason Hill?

He was the Jacksonville Jaguars WR who called Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets overhyped.

Well, before the Jets 32-3 thrashing of the Jaguars, Hill decided it was time to apologize.

Before Sunday’s game, Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who was wearing a microphone for the game for NFL Films, met up with Hill who told Ryan “They took that the wrong way.”

Ryan laughed and said, “You know we were going to roll coverage up on  you.”

Hill then asked Ryan to tell the Jets he didn’t mean anything by his  comments.

“It ain’t no biggie,” Ryan said.

NFL Films also caught Ryan cursing out the officials after a review didn’t go the Jets way, and giving former Jets CB Dwight Lowery crap after Lowery gave up a pass  along the Jets sideline.

“Lowery, how about that catch,” Ryan said.