Jets practice without Nick Mangold

By Marc A. Greenberg

Since he was inserted into the starting position roughly five seasons ago, New York Jets Center Nick Mangold has not missed a game.  82 consecutive starts to be exact.

That is about to change.

Mangold, unavailable for the Jets practice Wednesday, is out with a high ankle sprain and expected to miss at least the next two games against Oakland and Baltimore.

In his place, Colin Baxter, the undrafted rookie out of Arizona who signed a free-agent contract with the San Diego Chargers, only to be cut on Sept. 3 and claimed by the Jets the next day.

Baxter provided the quote of the week when, the morning after the Jets 32-3 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he described his Monday routine:

He lifted weights, ate breakfast and watched videotape of the game; “The biggest difference is that I was actually in the film,” Baxter said.