New York Jets still waiting on Shonn Greene

By Marc A. Greenberg

Two games down and two wins in the book.

Look a little deeper and there is cause for concern.

The bread and butter of the New York Jets over the past two seasons has been their running game.  After the departure of Thomas Jones, the torch was passed to Shonn Greene to lead the Jets for the next 5 seasons.

That hasn’t happened yet.

In the team’s 32-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jets rushed for 101 yards.  Look a little deeper.  29 of those yards came from QB Mark Sanchez. That means the team rushed for 72 yards on 29 carries (2.5 average).  Greene would account for 49 yards on 16 carries (3.1).

That’s not gonna do it.

Whether it be the offensive line which is struggling big time (“Unfortunately, as an offensive line, I don’t think any of us are satisfied,” LG Matt Slauson would say after the game. “It just wasn’t where it should be”), or Greene’s hesitancy because of past injuries, something needs to be done.

As for the offensive line, they were flagged for four penalties — two on RT Wayne Hunter (facemask, holding) and two on Brandon Moore (false start, ineligible blocker downfield).   More importantly, it was Hunter who allowed Jaguars DE Matt Roth to beat him and almost put Sanchez through the MetLife Turf.

For Greene, this season was supposed to be the coming out party; so far, it has been anything but.