Jets Sanchez ‘OK’ after injury scare

By Marc A. Greenberg

One of the main problems of having top-name wide receivers on your team is the need to get them the ball, regardless of your game plan or score.

For the New York Jets, they view WR Plaxico Burress as potentially that guy. So in the fourth quarter of yesterdays 32-3 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and with the Jets deep in the Jaguars territory, a play was called for Jets QB Mark Sanchez to lob one to Burress rather than run the clock down with a running play.

The result was almost season ending as Jaguars DE Matt Roth laid a hit on Sanchez, who appeared to come up holding his throwing arm.

For his part, Sanchez said he was fine, but admitted that the impact is “always scary.”

Jets head coach Rex Ryan took responsibility for the incident, saying that he was trying to get Burress his first catch of the day.

“That was my fault,” Ryan said. “I was trying to get Plax a catch. (Sanchez) got hit. He’s fine, but he took a big hit, that’s for sure. That’s my responsibility.”

As for his lack of catches on the day, Burress didn’t hide his feelings: “It’s definitely a little frustrating, I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s not,” Burress said. “But I’m just going to do what they ask me to do. Coach is out there calling the plays, trying to get me the football, and they’re lining up coverages where they can’t get the ball to me. We’re not going to force it.” He added later: “If teams want to show me that much respect, that’s why I’m here.”