Tom Brady Pulls A Rex Ryan-Reveals Great Double Standard

By Alan Schechter

I guess when you are the fair-haired quarterback, you get a bit more protection than when you are the head coach in NY.

A lot of grief was given to Jets head coach Rex Ryan last week, when he made his comments that he wouldn’t advise people to come to the Jets game in Dallas Cowboys gear.  Coach Ryan was so upset about how his comments were perceived, that he clarified them the next day.  He didn’t want his comments to be perceived to be his advocating violence at the game.  A Dallas Cowboys fan came to the game with a stun gun, used it, and later stated that he came to the game armed because of what Rex said, but that is not the point here.

Let’s look at what the fair haired beauty Tom Brady had to say today.  He wants the Patriots fans to be loud on Sunday, which is certainly understandable.  He had a suggestion on how to make it happen, which is questionable.

“Yeah, start drinking early,” the New England Patriotsquarterback said Wednesday with a grin, drawing laughter from reporters at hislocker. “It’s a 4:15 (p.m.) game. They have a lot of time to get lubed up, comeout here and cheer for the home team.”

I guess he felt bad about having his remarks perceived this way.  I guess.  He felt so bad that he had the Patriots spokeperson Stacy James speak on his behalf.

Less than an hour later(after Brady’s remarks), Patriots spokesman Stacey James said Brady wanted toclarify his remarks. The quarterback, James said, “wants everyone to drink a lotof water, stay hydrated. Drink responsibly.”

When you are the larger than life “HC of the NYJ”, to throw in a Bill Belichick reference, everything you say is scrutinized.  But when you are the fair haired quarterback that the ladies love, I guess the standard is different.  Clearly Tom Brady really didn’t have an issue with what he said, because if he did, he would have apologized for it himself, and not had the spokesperson say it for him.

Dear Mr. Brady, we don’t want to hear you insult the Jets for behaving the way they do.  You clearly behave the same way.  People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones.  Enough Tom.  Don’t encourage your fans to get drunk, it’s irresponsible.  You hold yourself out to be perfect, act that way.  Thank you.