Dallas Cowboys fans Tases Marine at Jets game

By Marc A. Greenberg

In light of the New York Jets season opener against the Dallas Cowboys where Jets fans were handed out fliers detailing the stadiums ‘Code of Conduct’ it’s ironic that it would turn out to be a Cowboys fan who caused the most damage.

Courtesy of Cindy Boren of the Washington Post:

Leroy McKelvey, a 59-year-old wearing a Dallas jersey at the game, and three others refused to stand or remove their hats for the national anthem on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, which understandably irked a Jets fan at the end of his row…who also happened to be a Marine.

A police officer told the Cliffview Pilot: “the Marine tells McKelvey he better not have to get out of the row ’cause he won’t let him out.”

McKelvey then whipped out a stun gun and zapped the Marine and two others. A South Carolina resident, McKelvey was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and two weapons counts. He was released from the Bergen County Jail on $22,500 bail.

Deadspin acquired a video of the incident. (CAUTION. STRONG LANGUAGE):  http://deadspin.com/5839180/metlife-stadium-911-brawl-at-cowboysjets-game-includes-fan+on+fan-tasering