Great Moment for Plaxico Burress

By Alan Schechter

Plaxico Burress may not have delivered the play of the night for the Jets, but he delivered the play of the night for one person in the stands.

That person is four years old and named Elijah Burress.

His picture, Plaxico could not look at during his incarceration as it brought him too much embarrassment.  Last night, after scoring his first regular season TD since 2008, Plaxico brought the ball to his son, as he planned all along.

“I told my wife that when and if I [did] score a touchdown, that I was gonna give it to my son. It’s a great moment for him to see the smile on his face and be excited with my wife. What can you say? It’s just a great feeling.”

As Eli Manning did many times before, Mark Sanchez threw a fade and let Plaxico Burress make a play.  And a play he did make.

Welcome back to the NFL Plaxico Burress.  More importantly, welcome back to having someone to look up to, Elijah Burress.