Colts Peyton Manning signed contract without physical

By Marc A. Greenberg

Not sure which is more surprising: The fact that Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning is likely out for the season or that the Colts signed him to a 5 year, $90 million contract without requiring a physical? reports that Manning’s new 5 year deal was given without Manning having to pass a physical.   Yep, the $20 million bonus at signing and the $3.4 million base salary for this season are guaranteed, along with a $3 million roster bonus for being on the 53-man roster for any one game in 2011.

Talk about a nice deal.

In addition, if Manning doesn’t play this season, the Colts have a $28 million option bonus, which is due next year.  The only way to avoid this payment is to cut or trade Manning.

Can you see the Colts cutting Manning if he doesn’t play this season?  Didn’t think so.

So, let’s see; for the next year, it looks like Manning will pocket $54.4 million without even playing one snap.

Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated tried to justify the deal by explaining that the Colts had no concerns about Manning’s surgery in May 2011 and felt that he would be fine for the regular season.

This either shows that that the Colts are absolutely clueless about contract negotiations or will do anything that Peyton wishes.