Jets acquisition forces Dallas to alter gameplan

By Marc A. Greenberg

We always hear of teams acquiring released players from the team you are about to play.  We just never hear that it works.

Until now.

On Sunday, the New York Jets acquired former Dallas Cowboys Safety Andrew Sendejo on waivers.   With the Jets playing the Cowboys this week, it seemed obvious that Rex Ryan was trying pick Sendejo’s brain on the Cowboys and his brother Rob’s gameplan for the defense.  (Rob Ryan is the Cowboys defensive coordinator).

Well, on Wednesday’s conference call with the New York Media, Cowboys QB Tony Romo admitted that it worked.

“It’s funny, because Rob had a defense already put in for the Jets, a bunch of stuff in that I think he wanted to do in different areas,” Romo

said Wednesday.  “Then, when the Jets (acquired) Andrew Sendejo, he ended up switching a lot of that stuff up, so I thought that was pretty interesting when I was watching the defensive side of the ball here this week. I’ve never seen that before, so I think there is a little cat-and-mouse game there, for sure.”

Mission accomplished, Rex.