Remembering 9/11-Billy Joel

By Alan Schechter

In keeping with the positive memories from that fateful day, take a look at another moment from the concert for NYC.

This was from the latter portion of the show, when the ultimate New Yorker, Billy Joel took the stage.  He is a guy that when you think NY, you think him.

He went to perform his song “Miami 2017 (I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway).  It’s a great moment in the show, as the cameras flash between him, and the first responders singing along, holding their loved ones.  You could feel everyone in the room coming together with Billy’s music.  And the words are very appropriate “they turned our power down, and drove us underground, but we went right on with the show.”  A great moment…NY is tough and Billy reminded us this through this song.  Enjoy

Billy Joel from Concert for NYC