Tribute to 9/11: Mike Piazza HomeRun

By Alan Schechter

In the first of our tributes to the anniversary of 9/11, I felt we should start with a sports moment that meant a lot to many New York sports fans.

The Mets and Braves played the first game in NYC after that fateful day, 10 days later.  Many of our policemen and firefighters were there, and the ovation they got was wonderful.  The game, and the moment, trumped everything about the Mets/Braves rivalry.  Chipper Jones and the Braves team was hugging Mike Piazza and the Mets players.  The moment transcended sports.

And it was a hard fought game, the Mets were down 2-1 late, and Mike Piazza stepped up to the plate, and gave New York a moment it so desperately needed.  Please click on the link below, and enjoy.

Mike Piazza 9/21/01