The Memory of 9/11

By Alan Schechter

With the Jets opening up on September 11th against the Dallas Cowboys, and it being the 10th anniversary of that fateful day, we here at the Jet Press felt we needed to honor the memory of that day.

Jet fans and Jet press readers, we want to hear your memories of that day.  Nothing vulgar of course, where you were, what happened to you, what went through your mind on that day, with your loved ones.  Your own personal experience and memory of that day, that is what we are looking for.  Please send your personal memories to, or to lead writer Marc Greenberg at  We would like to put up one tribute per day, anonymously of course, no names will be included.  I will get the ball rolling with my memory of that day.

I was actually living in Rockland County, NY at the time, so I wasn’t directly involved.  My girlfriend, who eventually became my wife, was going to school and student teaching on Long Island.  Although neither of us were directly involved in that unfortunate day, the phones had such problems, for a while it was impossible to get in touch with each other.  I have to tell you, that was terrible.  I can’t imagine how it would have felt if either one of us were in the city, both of us in suburbs was tough enough.  That weekend upcoming, we went to the city to see a Broadway show, and NYC was a ghost town.  But we felt safe, because we were together, and in that moment, I knew we were going to get married.  Just 10 days or so later, I asked and she said yes.  So for me, a negative became a great big positive.

I am sure this is a different story than most of you can tell, and we at the jetpress want to hear it.  Please send us your stories to either of the above noted emails, so we can pay tribute, and honor the memory of those of us Jets fans that lost loved ones that day.  Thank you in advance from