Joe Namath high on Jets McElroy

By Marc A. Greenberg

Yes, he’s the New York Jets third quarterback, but that is not stopping hall of fame QB Joe Namath from throwing in his opinion of Greg McElroy.

The Alabama alumni was quite impressed with the Alabama alumni:

“He’s smart. He’s gifted more so than a lot of us were, with his mind — his brain. He probably knows that entire Jets offense right now … I think Greg has a bright future ahead of him. ” Namath said. “I’d like to see him get more arm strength and he will. He’s going to turn into a bigger, stronger guy, but he’s a good football player.

“You look at his background. He’s a winner. He knows what it takes. I tell you, when I first watched him, I wasn’t convinced that he had the athleticism you want to see. But he certainly has enough athleticism to go along with the mental part of the game and the toughness to make it in the big leagues.”

Undergoing surgery on his thumb this morning, McElroy is expected to be out a few weeks.