Joe Namath is not a fan of Jets Plaxico Burress

By Marc A. Greenberg

While most feel that the New York Jets signing of WR Plaxico Burress was a good thing, there is still one holdout.  And he knows a little about the QB position.

Hall of Famer Joe Namath is not happy.

“When I see Burress, certainly in the past, and [Braylon] Edwards, their route running and adjusting, I didn’t like it – and I still don’t,” Namath told “I’ll be surprised if Burress and [quarterback Mark] Sanchez click well and I’ll be even more surprised if Burress, after being laid off for two years and change, is going to make it through the season.”

“We’re already talking about the feet — the ankles, the feet,” Namath said.  “There’s a lot of running in a long season.  I don’t see it happening. . . .

“I hope he makes All-Pro, but the realistic side of me. . . .  The reality is, he’ll be damn lucky if he makes it through the season,” Namath said.

While the signing and the fact that the Jets guaranteed Burress’ contract was certainly controversial, Namath’s comments aren’t.  Consider that Burress has already missed time with foot and back problems.

Let’s hope Namath was wrong on this one.   And didn’t guarantee anything.