Tom Brady says Jets are “always” talking about Super Bowl

By Marc A. Greenberg

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady doesn’t think about the Super Bowl and he doesn’t talk about the Super Bowl.  But that’s not Brady’s view of the New York Jets.

“The Jets – well we’ve heard that for a few years so it’s always, you don’t  ever hear us talking too much about that,” Brady said. “I think there is a long  way to go between now and the regular season.”

“We have a very important preseason game coming up,” Brady said. “All of  these games are important for us. It’s so far away at this point – we have other  things on our mind.”

Yes, Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes to talk Super Bowl.  And is that necessarily a bad thing?   Consider that under Ryan, the Jets have reached the AFC Championship games both seasons.

Maybe Rexy needs to talk more about it?