Steve Bisciotti Talks Why John Harbaugh, No Rex Ryan

By Alan Schechter

Today with the Baltimore Sun, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti talked to why he chose John Harbaugh to lead the Ravens in 2008, leaving Rex to head the defense, and eventually lead the Jets to 2 straight AFC championship games.

“From a chemistry standpoint . . . we really liked John and we thought it was going to be tougher for Rex to bring the whole team together after him spending 10 years on one side of the ball that was the dominant side of the ball,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun.

He acknowledges that based on the results in New York, some won’t agree with his decision.

“I will always be second-guessed,” Bisciotti said. “Some people will agree with me and some people won’t.  I just had to make a gut decision and so far it’s worked out pretty well.  I hope it gets us to the Super Bowl and brings back a couple of trophies to Baltimore.”

He may also have not wanted a brash outspoken coach like Rex leading the way, although he wouldn’t say so.  Word around the league is that both Rex and his brother Rob were held back because of fears they would be as outspoken as their father, the great defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan.

Maybe so, but I as a Jets fan wouldn’t have it any other way.