Mark Sanchez with a Humorous Jab Back at Rex Ryan

By Alan Schechter

Months after being threatened with a benching by coach Rex Ryan last season, quarterback Mark Sanchez has taken a few steps back from his fighting mad status.  Enough to throw a humorous joke his way.

Mark Sanchez told GQ for their September feature that, when being made aware of the possible benching, he wanted to fight coach Ryan he was so mad.  He took a bit of a step back from that feeling on Monday, in a humorous way.

“Was I gonna fight Rex? Obviously not,” Sanchez said. “It would be like George Foreman and De La Hoya. He’s way out of my weight class.”

Rex followed up similarly.

“I heard he wants to fight me, but that’s a long line,” said Ryan. “Just stay right there. I think he’s still behind Channing Crowder. But that’s what you want. You want that guy who’s competitive. I wanted to send a message that we can bench anybody on this team, with the exception of Revis, obviously.”

Good to see that coach and QB are on such good terms.