Shaun Ellis rips Jets management

By Marc A. Greenberg

Now it’s getting ugly.

Obviously upset about the perceived lack of respect from the New York Jets management, Shaun Ellis is airing his grievances.  And it’s not even festivus yet.

The 11 year Jet and current New England Patriot gave his side of the story yesterday telling New York reporters that his decision to play for the Pats was made after speaking with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum who “basically told me I was last on the totem pole” when it came to free agents the Jets wanted to re-sign.

The Jets offered Ellis a one-year deal for the veteran-minimum salary of $910,000.  On Sunday, New England took over by giving Ellis a deal reportedly worth $4 million for one year plus $1 million in reachable incentives.

The Jets offer surprised Ellis especially because he claims he was repeatedly told they wanted him to retire in the green and white.

After giving the Jets a chance to match the Patriots offer, Ellis said the response was absurd.  “[Tannenbaum] said, ‘We’ve got a couple thousand [dollars] left, if you want that,’ ” Ellis said.

Tannenbaum declined to comment on specifics. “These are tough decisions,” he said. “Shaun was our longest tenured Jet. I have the greatest amount of respect for him and I will always appreciate his contributions to this team.”

As for Rex Ryan, his comments didn’t do any favors either.

On Sunday, the Jets head coach said he didn’t wish Ellis well in New England because he was going to the Jets’ enemy, causing Ellis to tell reporters that he respected the Jets coach but “I guess the feeling isn’t mutual.”

“To say I’m bitter? No. Disappointed? Somewhat, I was,” Ellis said. “But I’m in a great situation. I loved my [Jets] teammates, had a great time with them. I’ve just got to start over and build on my success here.”

It’s never boring in Jets-Patriots land.