Braylon Edwards got no guaranteed money from 49ers

By Marc A. Greenberg

When the New York Jets decided to go with Plaxico Burress over Braylon Edwards, and fully guarantee Burress’ 1 year and $3 million contract, most thought the Jets were just attempting to save money by not paying Edwards what he wanted.

Yesterday, however, Braylon Edwards announced that he had signed with the San Francisco 49ers for 1 year at $3.5 million, just $500,000 more than the Jets gave Burress.

Now, reports are that the 49ers deal with Edwards includes $0 guaranteed money. Nothing. Nada.

Matt Maiocco of reports that Edwards has a $1 million base salary, and no guaranteed money. The $3.5 million salary for 2011 will only be earned by Braylon if he reaches all his incentives, including catching 90 passes and making the Pro Bowl.

Talk about a rough fall for Edwards who was expecting Santonio Holmes money this season.