A Socially Interactive Training Camp

By Alan Schechter

Courtesy of www.newyorkjets.com, the Jets are going to have very interactive training camp, via the social media.  The Jets are approaching 1 million followers on Facebook, and are the number 1 followed team on Twitter, making them one of the most social media savvy organizations out there.

The hub of the action will be at the Social Media Hot Spot tent, located near the Jets Fest and practice fields.  Here, there will be a computer set up so all fans can participate in the social media events, even if you don’t have a mobile device, although all with mobile devices are encouraged to use them.

Here is a summary of what will be available at all open practices, courtesy of www.newyorkjets.com

■ Fans who visit the Social Media Hot Spot tent will be prompted to like the Jets on Facebook and follow the team on Twitter on a computer in the tent or from his/her mobile device. Fans will then receive a raffle ticket and be entered for the chance to win a VIP upgrade (for that fan and a guest) at camp that day. The winner will be declared 15 minutes before practice.

■ Fans can make every public practice an event on Facebook and have other fans RSVP.

■ The Jets will post some of the best flip-cam fan messages — such as “Excited for the Season,” “Great to Be at Training Camp” or the J-E-T-S chant — on its Facebook wall.

■ On Twitter, fans can participate in a TwitPic Scavenger Hunt. Capture a player shaking hands or giving a high-five. The Jets will make the fans a part of their Twitter feed and retweet some of the photos that are sent to the team.

■ The Jets are promoting the training-camp-specific hashtag #JetsCamp and encouraging fans to make the hashtag trend, and will also RT some of the messages sent to the team with the hashtag.

■ The Jets also plan to organize a tweetup, with a gift for all fans who attend.

All this and more is just ahead for fans in one of the most ambitious social-media-oriented training camps in NFL history.

Will keep the site posted with training camp schedules, and updates as they come up.  Stay tuned, and check www.newyorkjets.com for all schedule updates as well.