Albert Breer on WFAN-Blog

By Alan Schechter

Coming up at 1:25 PM, Albert Breer of the NFL network will be talking to Evan Roberts about free agency on WFAN in New York.  I will be blogging as it goes on any Jets related points.

1:29 PM- He said that he sees the Jets “in the mix” for Plaxico Burress and/or Randy Moss, for the need for a big target, since they are not going to resign Braylon Edwards, and lost Brad Smith.  Also that they would come at a salary bargain compared to younger guys, but he sees that the Giants and the Steelers are the favorites in the race for Plax.

1:32 PM-He said the reason the Jets lost out on Nnamdi Asomugha is that the Eagles give him the best chance to win now.  He felt that Nnamdi’s greatest frustration is never making the playoffs in his whole career.  He was never going to the highest bidder.  He wanted a platform, which is how the Jets and Cowboys came into place.  He stated that the “roster stability” in Philadelphia gave them an edge, and give the best chance for sustained success.  There was “shock” around the league when the Eagles swooped in to take him.

1:37 PM- In response to what the Jets are going to do next, Breer said that the Jets have already reached out to Cromartie.  He said that the number one priority for the Jets is to rebuild the bridge between them and Cromartie.  There are some bad feelings, but Antonio also has good feelings based on the personal help the team afforded him last year.  He said that this is priority #1, while priority #2 is for Kyle Wilson to develop.

To hear the interview in it’s entirety, check later on today.  No direct confirmation that it will be there, but the site typically archives all interviews.