Jets Holmes drinks up new contract

By Marc A. Greenberg


About an hour after Santonio Holmes agreed to terms with the New York Jets, on a 5 year, $50 million contract, he posted the following picture on his own Twitter page.

His message was clear:  “Just finish a bottle of Louis RoedererCristal from 2002! Big bro showed loved today.”

We are assuming he was referring to the Jets or owner Woody Johnson when he said “Big Bro.”

Holmes, having already served a 4 game suspension last season because of marijuana use, is one drug incident away from being suspended for an entire year under the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

All Jets fans are understandably nervous at this point.  Seems odd that a professional athlete would post a pic of himself finishing a bottle of Cristal like a frat kid chugging Natty Ice, but that’s today’s athlete.   Holmes is an extraordinary talent who seems to frustrate the teams he plays for with his immaturity.  With $24 million guaranteed by “Big Bro”, let’s hope this pic was not a sign of bad things to come.