Why Nnamdi Asomugha will pick the New York Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

Getty Images

Despite not being able to offer as much money as other teams, the New York Jets could make a nice offer to free agent Anamdi Asomugha: a post career.

Asomugha has made no secret of his interest in acting after his NFL career comes to an end; and there is no better place than New York to get your feet wet.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen pointed out that Asomugha wants to act when he’s done playing football, and although there are teams like the Houston Texans who will probably offer more money than the Jets, Asomugha could be swayed by the lure of New York.

“Asomugha is interesting because the Houston Texans, probably, are going to make him the biggest offer,” Mortensen said. “Yet you keep hearing that Nnamdi wants to go somewhere where he can begin to focus on his post-playing career, even though he’ll give his all as he’s playing, and he has a great interest in being an actor, whether it’s in theater or whatever, and that could factor into it.”

Keep in mind that Asomugha has already appeared in TV shows like Friday Night Lights and The Game.

If the Jets were smart, they would have some directors on hand when making their pitch to Nnamdi.  I’m sure head coach Rex Ryan will talk about his cameo on CSI:NY and the teams exposure from Hard Knocks.

Maybe Mangini can be there to talk about his Sopranos performance.