Michael Vick loses endorsement after signing with competitor

By Marc A. Greenberg

Just who exactly is advising Michael Vick?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB has lost his endorsement with Fuse Science, Inc. after signing a deal with its competitor, MusclePharm.

It is possible that Vick is so popular that he’s lost track of his endorsements?

According to Bloomberg.com (via SportsBusiness Daily), Fuse dropped Vick after he signed a contract with them earlier in the month, due to Vick agreeing to endorse MusclePharm.

“Subsequent to our entering into and announcing the exclusive agreement, we learned that on or about July 20, 2011, Mr. Vick entered into an endorsement agreement with another company engaged in the same product categories, notwithstanding the exclusivity provisions of our agreement,” Fuse Science’s parent company, Double Eagle, said in a filing with the SEC, per the report.  “This created an unacceptable conflict and, accordingly, on July 25, 2011, we terminated the agreement with Mr. Vick.”

If you don’t know any of the above companies, don’t be alarmed. Neither do we.  However, profootballtalk equated it to Vick agreeing to a deal with Reebok right after signing with Nike.