Santonio Holmes knows where he wants to play

By Marc A. Greenberg

It’s no secret that New York Jets Santonio Holmes is the top wide receiver in this years free agent market, so it makes sense that Holmes doesn’t tip his cap as to where he wants to play.   With that being said, Holmes’ heart is in New York.

Holmes’ agent, Joel Segal, told The New York Post that “Santonio loves New York, he’s a fan of the head coach, he likes the quarterback, he likes the system. There’s a strong possibility of Santonio staying in New York. He’s a huge fan of New York.”

While the Washington Redskins have made it known that they will make an attempt to sign Holmes, the Jets usually get their man, and this year, it’s Holmes.

“I spoke to Santonio numerous times. We have a plan,” Segal said. “We know our priorities and we’re ready to go.”