NFLPA Sets Conference Call 11 AM

By Alan Schechter

The NFLPA has set a conference call for 11 AM this morning, where they are expected to have the 32 team player reps vote on the new CBA.  It is expected to be a formality only, passing the CBA easily which will have the team facilities open as early as tomorrow.  More to come……

Update 10 :04  AM

Update to the time frame of events today:

Between 11 AM and 12 noon, the NFLPA executive committee is supposed to vote on the CBA.  If all goes smoothly there, it will then be put to a vote of the 32 team player reps, hopefully later on today.  After that, the plaintiffs in the Brady lawsuit will have to sign off on the agreeement, which is also supposed to be a formality.

What does this mean for the league?

Camps would open tomorrow and teams would be able to negotiate with draftees and undrafted rookies.  Friday at 6 PM would be the opening of the free agent period, although teams would be allowed to start talking to agents tomorrow.

Camps would open, but the players would still need to recertify as a union to fully enact a CBA.  Teams would report as follows, 10 teams on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, 10 on Friday, and the final 2 on Sunday, and votes will begin to be collected at that point to recertify and and enact the CBA.

We are in the home stretch..stay with us.