Will Brett Favre play for the Eagles?

By Marc A. Greenberg

Former New York Jets QB Brett Favre will never go away.  Seriously, the guy cannot retire and ride off into the sunset.

The latest rumor has Favre joining the Philadelphia Eagles as Michael’s Vick backup.

It all started Saturday night after Howard Eskin of WIP-AM reported on NBC10 that the Eagles were interested in the 41-year-old.  It is widely known that the Eagles will be shopping backup Kevin Kolb after the NFL lockout ends and need a reliable backup in case Vick gets hurt  But Favre?

An Eagles source did call it a longshot. But then, another team source said that a “lot of things would need to fall into place” for it happen.  Simply amazing.  Favre as an Eagle backup?

As for Vick, he went to twitter to post the following: “I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.”  The post was quickly removed but the damage was already done.

With an expected end to the lockout tomorrow and free agency to begin shortly after, we will know soon enough.