Sources:Deal is Done, Monday Vote is a Formality

By Alan Schechter

Adam Schefter is reporting tonight that the deal to end the lockout has been agreed upon between the owners and the players.

The NFLPA executive committee is flying into Washington, DC today to vote on Monday, followed by a vote of the 32 team player reps, but this is all appearing to be a formality.  Just as the owners wouldn’t have gone ahead without assurance that the vote would be to approve, the NFLPA would not be going ahead without that assurance.  Furthermore, no deal has ever been turned down by the rank and file of the players association once it has been approved by leadership.

A major press conference is scheduled for tomorrow to reportedly reveal the terms of the new agreement.  This would allow the league year to begin on Wednesday, with players under contract to begin reporting at that time, and the votes will start coming in to begin the process of recertifying the NFLPA into a union.

A big roadblock was removed when the plaintiffs in the Brady lawsuit revealed that they are no longer seeking special compensation in return for settling the lawsuit.

Big news coming tomorrow, and it sounds like this might be the final weekend without football being in business.  This could be the big day folks, the lockout may be finally coming in for a landing.  I’ll believe it when I see it, stay tuned tomorrow.