Players to Vote Monday Source Tells John Clayton

By Alan Schechter

Late breaking news from ESPN’s John Clayton, reporting that the NFLPA has agreed to vote on Monday to approve on the new 10 year CBA.

The executive committee of the NFLPA is slated to meet in Washington, DC on Monday, and to vote to accept the CBA.  Following that, a vote of the 32 player reps is expected via conference call.  If this goes smoothly, players from certain teams would be admitted into camps on Wednesday, with others filing in Friday.  This would be the point where the players vote on whether or not to recertify as a union.  In order for this to happen, the requirement is a 50 % plus one majority by the players.  The hope is that enough votes will be tallied to recertify the union by Friday.

The NFL announced that they would open the doors to contracted players 2 days after the NFLPA executive committe accepts the CBA, and free agency would begin the day after the union recertifies.

Therefore, if all goes to plan, the league year would begin on Wednesday, and free agency would begin on July 30th.

The NFLPA is confident that the necessary votes will come on Monday, a press conference has already been scheduled, and been dubbed a “major” press conference.

Hold on fans, we may be rounding the final turn of this lockout fiasco.  Stay tuned.