Drew Brees denies asking for special perks

By Marc A. Greenberg

Despite sources confirming that Saints QB Drew Brees was among the Plaintiffs who were asking for special perks in return for their signature on the CBA Settlement, Brees came out last night with a big denial.

“I hesitate to even dignify the false media reports with a response,” Brees said on Twitter, “but obviously they are leading people astray.”

“I want no special perks. My job is to get a fair deal for all players, and I am proud to represent them all – past, present and future. All media claims about me wanting a personal reward for this deal are false. I hope you all know me better than that.”

Enter profootballtalk.com who clarified the request by Brees.   Apparently it was CAA, the agency managing Brees and Colts QB Peyton Manning who were making the request.  In addition, the NFLPA outside attorney Jeffrey Kessler spent hours during the week of June 27 arguing that Brees and Manning should receive special treatment.

We’ll see what Brees has to say about his agents.