Dolphins selling Jets merchandise in team store

By Marc A. Greenberg

Only in Miami, kiddies.

Apparently the Miami Dolphins team store, in addition to its team merchandise, was selling New York Jets t-shirts that said “Home of the Jets” on them.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald confirmed the report to  I guess there are more Jets fans in Miami than Dolphins fans, but come one, “Home of the Jets” shirts?

UPDATE: Following Armando Salguero’s tweet the Dolphins have announced that they will no longer be selling Jets t-shirts at their team store.

Dolphins COO Mike Dee: “You should know that, at our fan’s request, we are about to announce a new policy that we will no longer sell visiting team merchandise at the stadium on gamedays,” Dee writes. “This was a product of offseason focus groups that we did and among the topics that we covered was how we work with fans to create a better home field advantage.

“Our fans felt strongly that this policy should be implemented and we are doing it.  As part of this arrangement with the operator of the team store, we gave them a limited window to sell everything that they had in stock on a discounted basis prior to the start of the NFL season.  With the Mets coming to town this weekend to play the Marlins, they are attempting to move all of their old Jets merchandise this week.  We were unaware of this particular shirt which I am told is a number of years old.  We have requested that this particular shirt be removed immediately.”

Gotta love the Dolphins.