NFL Players attempting to hold up new NFL CBA

By Marc A. Greenberg

You just cannot make this up, NFL fans.

Last week, Mike Florio of alerted NFL fans that New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins was attempting to hold up a new collective bargaining agreement unless he, a named Plaintiff in the lawsuit against the NFL, be granted free agency as part of the settlement between the NFL and NFLPA.

Then, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson was doing the same thing and that both Mankins and Jenkins requested either free agency or $10 million each in exchange for their signature on the settlement with the NFL.

Now, Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe is reporting that Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning and New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees (other named Plaintiffs)want to be exempt from the franchise tag.

Bedard also got an NFL rep to comment: “Two guys are going to hold up a huge pay day for 1,898 other guys? After two years? When neither ever went to a meeting, a hearing, a mediation session or even showed up in court? Good luck with that,” the source said.

It’s simply amazing that these Plaintiffs, recognized as the face of the NFL, are trying to cut their own deals.  I’m sure any NFL player would have used their name as a Plaintiff in this case, so for Manning, Brees or Jackson to feel like they are owed something is ridiculous.   We’ll see what the rest of the league thinks about this, and if it will hold up any settlement.

Can you imagine if the NFL gets delayed or a deal doesn’t get done because Peyton Manning wants to be exempt from the franchise tag?

UPDATE: Adam Schefter of ESPN has verified that Jackson’s agents have made that request on behalf of their client.