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Breaking News:8th Circuit Court Rules in Favor of NFL, Lockout Is Legal

By Alan Schechter

In a decision just reported on, the 8th Circuit Court has ruled that the lockout is legal, by a 2-1 decision.  The court ruled that the Norris-Laguardia act, prevents courts from issuing orders to prevent strikes or lockouts.  Justice Kermit Bye, as he has been throughout this process, was the lone dissenting opinion.

The court didn’t make a ruling, however, on whether this labor exemption survives the decertification of the union.  This doesn’t mean much right now, it leaves the possibility that down the line, the lockout will be deemed illegal, and the NFL could face major financial penalties if significant season time is lost.

For now, this means the lockout continues until a CBA is reached.  Now maybe the parties will get together and get this done fast or we all suffer.