Erik Ainge is retiring from Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

New York Jets QB Erik Ainge, taken by the Jets in the 2008 NFL Draft is done with football.

The 25 year old told the Associated Press that this “isn’t the next step I wanted, but it’s the hand I’m dealt.”

Breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie TD record at Tennessee with 17 TD passes, Ainge struggled with injuries on the Jets as well as with drug addiction. He suffered a torn rotator cuff last month.

“Isn’t the next step I wanted, but it’s the hand I’m dealt,” Ainge said.

Ainge hasn’t directly informed the Jets of his decision due to lockout rules, but appreciates the chances they gave him.

Ainge spent last season on the reserve/did not report list while battling addictions to heroin, cocaine, alcohol and prescription medicine.

“no fun, well, could always be worse,” Ainge wrote on his Twitter account when he announced the torn rotator cuff. “sober and loved, all that matters.”