Update on New York Jets Jim Leonhard

By Marc A. Greenberg

His injury was beyond measurable.  The immediate impact was felt in the Monday Night Massacre in Foxboro.  The long term effect was seen in the New York Jets defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship

That’s all about to change.  Jets safety Jim Leonhard, in what he describes as a “breakthrough” in his recovery, told the Newark Star-Ledger that he has been given the go-ahead to participate in football activities.

“This week was a definitely a huge breakthrough,” Leonhard said. “I felt I could push as hard as I wanted to and not have setbacks.

“I’m getting excited. I want to play football and prove I’m back; prove I’ve done the work to get back.”

Leonhard, in charge of playcalling for the Jets fractured his right tibia in a regular season practice, and missed the remainder of the regular season and postseason.   A recent x-ray this April revealed that the break had fully healed.

“Obviously you get back and meet with the trainers, but I would feel comfortable doing anything at this point,” Leonhard said. “A lot of it has gone on feel because it’s a bone, and it’s hard to determine what the timeline would be. If there’s a lot of soreness, you back off; if it feels good, you push hard. Now I feel like I can push it as hard as I want.”