Proposed new NFL deal not good for New York Jets

By Marc A. Greenberg

It’s getting there, Jets fans.

NFL owners and players are negotiating a contract that would provide 48 % of all revenue to players.

While the previous percentage was 60% to the players, the old deal allowed the owners to deduct the first $1 billion from the revenue stream.  The new deal would not have the $1 billion deduction.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello and George Atallah, a spokesman for the players, declined to comment.

Now, the bad news for the New York Jets:

Under the proposed new deal, unrestricted free agency would be given to players after four credited seasons. If that goes throuigh, then Jets WRs Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Brad Smith, and CB Antonio Cromartie would be unrestricted free agents and the Jets would not be able to retain them on 1 year deals, as opposed to the old CBA which allowed the Jets to do so.

Translation: Unless Jets owner Woody Johnson plans on spending major dough in guarantees to these players, the Jets will look dramatically different on offense this year.