Lockout Negotiations, Does Anyone Care Anymore?

By Alan Schechter

The lockout rages on, hitting the 100 day mark.  They are meeting, they are progressing, or they aren’t progressing.  The real question is, does anyone really care anymore?

I know from my point of view, I certainly don’t pay attention to the reports coming out of the negotiations.  When all these reports come out about progress, I go with my wife’s theory “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

A couple of weeks ago, or maybe more recently, don’t even know anymore, we heard reports that a deal is imminent.  “A framework for a deal in place by the end of the month”, we heard.  The players are being told to stay ready to come in.  Then….wait a minute!  Not so fast.  The owners are not in agreement, so we aren’t ready for the lockout to end.

Reports are coming out about the details of the new CBA.  48 % of the revenue vs 60 %.  16 game Thursday schedule.  No 18 game schedule.  WHATEVER!!!

I understand, that certain elements of the agreement could be a problem for the Jets, but right now I don’t care.  I don’t care whether or not the owners are in agreement about the CBA.  They decided to opt out of it in the first place.  So, whether or not big businessmen can agree about how to split up big profits frankly doesn’t concern me.  If the sport wasn’t doing well, that is one thing.  Have your lockout in that case.  You should.

I don’t want to know about CBAs, revenue or anything else.  I want football, and I want an agreement now.  The fans are not happy.  Booing the commish at the draft, football is not a topic on sports talk radio right now, jersey sales are down.  I think the owners believe that everyone will just come back to football the minute it returns.  The more they stay out, the less this is going to happen in my opinion.

Get it done.  That’s all we want.