Jets Santonio Holmes could be facing suspension

By Marc A. Greenberg

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that New York Jets free agent WR Santonio Holmes could be facing a suspension for his investment in an Alabama bingo and entertainment company.

Holmes, as well as 24 other NFL players, are reportedly involved in the gambling casino, Country Crossing Casino. Under league rules, a league employee isn’t allowed to associate with a gaming operation.

Jason Cole reports that the 25 NFL players, including Holmes, Terrell Owens and Santana Moss, invested a total of $20 million in the casino.

“From an NFL standpoint, the league currently has no authority to discipline players while it’s in the midst of an owners-initiated lockout. However, though the NFL has yet to contact financial advisor Jeff Rubin, who guided the players to the investment and is currently working to re-open the venture, a formal investigation and/or disciplinary action is possible once a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.”“If it were to be determined that an NFL employee had made an investment in violation of league policy on gambling-related activities, that individual would be directed to withdraw the investment and it would be reviewed for potential discipline,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

Once the lockout ends (if it ends), all players could be forced to sell their investment.  In addition, the NFL could fine or suspend the players for their actions.

Representatives for the casino and the named players either did not immediately respond to phone calls or emails or had no immediate comment.  Country Crossing owner Ronnie Gilley and two of his lobbyists have pleaded guilty to offering legislators millions in bribes.