Wake Me Up When the Lock Out is Over

By FanSided Staff

The NFL owners and players union have been in intensified “secret” meetings the past week in Washington D.C.  At first the reports were positive and things were going really well with a deal being close

All of us who are NFL fans became very excited thinking we might have an NFL season, but it might have been a bit premature.  The stories coming out yesterday all of a sudden changed and we are now hearing both sides are still meeting, but are not so close to any type of deal

It is already bad enough that the “billionaire” owners are locking out the players, potentially delaying or cancelling the season, but now they are jerking the fans around with all these different reports.

Here is my suggestion to the league; keep your mouths shut, and let us know when an official deal has been made.  Until then, I do not want to hear a thing about the NFL.  I do not need the hot girl flirting with me, only to then go home with some other dude.  When looking at the lockout, I will go with the traditional Jet fan theory; hope for the best, but expect the worst.